3 Strumming patterns YOU MUST KNOW as a Beginner

3 Strumming patterns YOU MUST KNOW as a Beginner Guitarist

Are you a beginner guitar playing struggling to strum? This video will help you break out of that zone and put you where you need to be.
In this video i explained 3 strumming patterns that you must know are a beginner.
These are 3 beginner guitar strumming exercises that will transform your strumming idea to the next level. As a beginner, one of the most vital guitar lessons is on how to strum guitar and its important to learn this when you start playing guitar.
It doesn’t just apply to acoustic guitar but eletric guitar as well.

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  1. @not_u_forsure166 schreef:

    Hi, is your guitar connected to an amplifier in this video or not? Because it sounds a bit like an accoustic guitar but it's an electric, right?

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