5 Easy Chords Every Beginner Should Know (but doesn't)

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Going over 5 chords every beginner guitarist should know. Here’s the banjo video I was talking about:

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14 reacties tot dusver:

  1. Brian Sinclair schreef:

    Man, how do they sell those for so cheap? Not to mention all the extras…amazing!

  2. goffdroid schreef:

    Or that d Major 7 shape and a minor shape after it moved. That a basic minor shape ?

  3. goffdroid schreef:

    The 5th and seven fret. D Major 7 shape. A minor c minor ?

  4. Jayne Doe schreef:

    Guess where my middle finger is?

  5. Daniel Renaud schreef:

    Okay so a theory question if G High e 3rd fret of course but I'll learn the G7 as the first fret High e was the G7 not the second fret why the difference?

  6. Hanalei Bay schreef:

    Another great vid Sean! Great practical and solid advice, economy is better (I love 7ths as well) and the C/G_Dmaj7 is a masterstroke. Been doing that for awhile and doooo love the sound, you added nicely to that with your strumming rhythm. Beautiful looking guitar but sounds __well kind of awful. But hey they pay some the bills. Props though to the nice job with the pirfiling that and the gloss, they should sell a ton of them at that price.

  7. Jeb Trillio schreef:

    It's so nice to have a place I can just wear my LL Bean vest and just not feel judged.

  8. J T schreef:

    Like it, useful, sounds great, easy. Encouraging. Thanks

  9. Ben Logan schreef:

    I am getting much better at barre chords but am going to try some of your tips too. The People's D – I want to try that out. Thanks!

  10. Carlo R. S. schreef:

    I've been playing that D maj7 for years without knowing what it was! You can also slide the grip up the neck & get some nice chords that sound like a jazz progression.

  11. Rob H schreef:

    awesome thanks for posting.

  12. Kasen Holt schreef:

    Those are certainly useful chords but they shouldn't be used as a replacement for major chords.

  13. ×Livia× schreef:

    i just got my first guitar and ur channel is helping so much mate
    tysm <3

  14. John Guilfoyle schreef:

    yea, thanks little brother…i went to my buddy's AA meeting to showcase some of the stuff u showed me…when i started to strum some of those bar chords..well, they booted me out the door..now, i got invited to this lady's church..but, i got stage fright..not about being shy with the lady..but now, i can't think of anyway to avoid those damn bar chords..frig it man, i'm gonna gig at dives and leave the past behind ..too much non sense going on these daze if u catch my drift..yea, and i do drift..:<)

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