Beginner Country Lead Guitar Lesson

Go to to learn about this beginner intermediate lead course, and many other country guitar style lessons.

Learn how to play country lead guitar and solo over any song. This course is designed with the beginner and intermediate player in mind. These lessons iare over 9 hours long and covers everything from the basic barr chords, picking techniques, bends, slides, hammer-on and pull-offs, played over easy scales.

You’ll learn the 7 most common scales used for country lead guitar solos and 7 ways to play all of them up and down the entire fret board. This course includes 18 solo examples broken down note for note and 80 jam tracks in various keys! Over 80 tablature examples and diagram too.

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  1. @thomasd9237 schreef:

    I'm just getting back into playing so of course I bought a Tele 🙂 man am I glad I came across this guy. Excellent stuff, very well done.!.

  2. @AsdeEspadas.Fernando schreef:

    Grear video! I have a strat with .10 strings and its really hard to bend in 2nd fret for instance…is it just strengh or is there a "trick" so as not to fight as much?

  3. @garysims6919 schreef:

    how do I order Guitar chops, with ken teaching. thank you

  4. @jaybarber68 schreef:

    I don’t think I can do it, but I’ve been wrong before! I gotta try though.

  5. @JohnnyRebKy schreef:

    I been playing 25 years and I’m still a beginner 😆. Never had a teacher or videos to help me. Simple play by ear hunting for notes. I’d give anything to go back and have at least YouTube to help. Now I’m 38 and can’t play any better than I did 20 years ago

  6. @duaneshort4162 schreef:


  7. @MonKordelinfoTv schreef:

    Your music is awesome. Learned a lot. Thanks for sharing…

  8. @Breakbeats92.5 schreef:

    If you are a songwriter, listening to other genres can only inform and maybe improve your craft. I'm a jazz/hip hop/r@b guy but I'll never say I can't learn something from a different style of music.

  9. @usis_506 schreef:

    Good workshope for me thank you…

  10. @bastardsonofretkillr schreef:

    What is your favorite Telecaster pickups

  11. @lawsonlawson1504 schreef:

    This isnt a lesson its u selling stuff!!

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