Channeling SWAMP BLUES on this PRS NF53 • Instrumental Slide Guitar

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TUNING: Open E Tuning: E-B-E-G#-B-E
• @prsguitars PRS NF53 Electric Guitar
• Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Slide ( )
• BecosFX Ziffer Overdrive Pedal
• @centrance R4R Mixerface Mobile Recorder
• @HughesandKettneramps TRIAMP MK III Guitar Amplifier

#Swamp #rock #Guitar

22 reacties tot dusver:

  1. @davidanalyst671 schreef:

    Justin needs to come to Houston in the middle of these stupid floods when everything is underwater and play swamp blues going down a highway in a boat!!!!

  2. @JSilver-ju1ml schreef:

    I like these videos that just have you and your guitar, but when i want to listen to them on cd, the bass drums and other instruments change the whole vibe. Like this video, i want this track exactly the same but on cd. I don't know, what do you think?

  3. @edeltraudkollner235 schreef:

    👌❤️Perfect ❤

  4. @kingmarviemarv schreef:

    I have to say that I'm ashamed of myself for "sleeping" on Justin Johnson and his music. I finally decided to listen to him play one day and I have been listening to his music ever since. He is an excellent guitar player and I look forward to listening to everything he has ever played.

  5. @EDLaw-wo5it schreef:

    Outa sight!

  6. @user-mp2kq8iy9f schreef:

    Реально, это здорово! 🙂👍

  7. @SVETLANKA139 schreef:


  8. @richgray5762 schreef:

    Sure you can play the swamp blues while rock'n a prs but how about playing while rock'n and paddling using a paddle guitar?

  9. @v.a.pankov schreef:

    Полный улёт

  10. @user-rr2cz1sr7e schreef:

    Супер!!😊 Спасибо!!!

  11. @hjordiscreel7666 schreef:

    I've been sick, this makes me smile, thanks JJ.

  12. @misterflibble6601 schreef:

    I was never a fan of electric slide guitar… until I started listening to Justin Johnson

  13. @melodyz5592 schreef:

    PRS sounding great Justin very cool.

  14. @EnglishRosie763 schreef:

    Love slide, love this guitar! You’re playin’s pretty fine too Justin

  15. @jordanmeija7384 schreef:

    Awesome as always…Godbleeyou Justin, in the name of Jesus Christ❤

  16. @RandyStocker schreef:

    Just makes me close my eyes and rock next to the water

  17. @victorsalazar7166 schreef:

    😎👍😁🤟🎼☠🖤🍻 Smile. m/ ' [-_-] ' m/. Bottoms up and cheers. Stay loud, stay proud, stay heavy. Take care, be strong, and stay safe . #Adanporsiempre .

  18. @bjwmorgan schreef:

    That’s so awesome and deep 🎸🎸👏👏

  19. @johnsmith-qw8zv schreef:

    Don't stop, Justin! You're great at blues !!!🎸🎼

  20. @davidupdegraff5205 schreef:

    Love waking up and listening to good music first thing in the morning!

  21. @yellowboot6629 schreef:

    Thank'YOU the last Apachi❣️… 🤣🤣🤣🤣… A joke!

  22. @wayneking4590 schreef:

    I could listen to that swamp music all day long!! <><

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