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  1. Doobydobap schreef:

    What's a fun food history fact from your country?

    Recipe Below

  2. Spacemonkeymojo schreef:

    Make more white people food you white worshipper.

  3. Fabi Fabi schreef:

    WAIT WHATS IN THE SAUCE how can you not show the most important part

  4. Honyopenyoko schreef:

    The music, if anyone is curious and doesn’t know, is Satie’s Gnossienne No. 1. Interestingly, if you’re looking for what “Gnossienne” translates to, it’s nothing. Satie coined the word. It’s French, but what Satie meant it to mean is lost to history. If you’re, like me, a weeb, you’ve likely heard a couple of Satie’s more popular pieces, The Gymnopédie’s, in the film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

    Also, Dooby, your bangs make you even cuter than you were before, which is a high bar to meet. They fit you very well.

  5. Diba schreef:

    What song is that?

  6. daniel johnson schreef:

    Such a good video 🎊 😊🎃 ❤

  7. Stella Smith schreef:

    Ngl I thought that was a chicken fried steak

  8. Jedislide schreef:

    Is this chicken fried steak

  9. sara piazza schreef:

    Pasta alla carbonara was made in world war II in Italy initially for American soldiers. Bacon and eggs was associated by the people of my country to the Americans so a restaurant where the anerican soldiers used to go to eat started to cook this pasta dish with bacon or some sort of cured pork (initially guanciale wasn't used) and eggs. Of course pecorino romano and parmigiano reggiano were part of it, but at the time people didn't have enough money to be picky and use just the egg yolk to put nella pasta.
    So, this is one of my favourite food stories: pasta alla carbonara was made for the Americans in Italy.

  10. π. Λουκας Καρουσος schreef:

    From Greece. A dish called "musaca" fryed eggplant an potatoes in layers with a layer of minced meat in tomato sauce and bechamel on top backed in the oven. Its the one dish that has Greece, Turkey and France in it and is still THE most iconic traditional Greek dish, to eat.

  11. RALPH RUSSEL MINA schreef:

    you try to make “Beef pares” a famous food here in PHILIPPINES🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  12. Annaya's Covers schreef:

    In India Tandoori Chicken was invented during Partition of India and Pakistan

  13. Alex🤯🤩 schreef:

    Bruh you always come up when I’m hungry (no hate)

  14. Pranav Anand schreef:

    Why did I first think this was about weed when I saw the title 😭

  15. ScrillDaD schreef:

    girl u did that up right!!!!!!!!

  16. Celena Furris schreef:

    I stopped watching her after that haircut it just doesn't feel like the old dooby

  17. Jocelyn Uy schreef:

    I’m so sorry but I can’t watch this without hearing battotai echo in my head

  18. Michelle schreef:

    Food influenced by Japanese & your eating manner is always Korean😂

  19. Jackson90 schreef:

    Ooh missed those videos .. not the new one that made like you eat in a michelin star restaurant!

  20. 周敦頤 schreef:

    We eat bats

  21. ver schreef:

    is no one going to talk about how she ate rice with a knife

  22. Earin Morris schreef:

    Mac recipe?

  23. The One That Can schreef:

    Tamales were considered to be peasant dishes back when the Spanish occupied Mexico, but the elite still ate them, albeit in "secret"

  24. ToLe schreef:

    Love your vids , Im not much of a cook but your videos both make me hungry and give me the urges to try those recipes out to explore new dishes . And I really like the history facts your telling in this video , Its not too overwhelming but are quite fascinating

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