Guitar Songs To Learn 5 of 5 l Easy Songs for Beginners – Take Me Home Country Roads

We’re going to do today, Country Roads. This is the theme song for John Denver and I think it’s what it made it famous, but certainly what he’s best known for and what I like about this song is it chose a good song form. It has a simple song form that is common among many songs even though the style and the rhythm and everything might be different. So let’s go ahead and give it a shot.
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Tomas Michaud is a world class guitarist, recording artist, and music educator. He is the owner and Music Director of the SF Bay Area’s premier music education facility, Starland Music Center in Alameda, CA. As a Music Educator he has taught or consulted with thousands of students and instructors over the past thirty years. He is credited with developing the Starland Guitar System — a unique, systematic approach to learning to play guitar with ease and confidence. In addition he is the author of six CDs of Contemporary Instrumental World Music including his latest top ten charting “Beauty and Fire”.

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14 reacties tot dusver:

  1. Jerry Heinold schreef:

    Do you know John Denver’s song “It Amazes Me” what time signature changes does he do in that song. It’s crazy!

  2. enoch1680 schreef:

    Nicely done, non-capo version for beginners with strumming made easy. Thanks so much. I'm 50 something and bought a guitar 10 days ago. My wife loves John Denver and I think I will be able to a passable version soon with the help of this video.

  3. rupesh raj schreef:

    i am your big fan sir .

  4. MELISSA schreef:

    my kids love you they learn more thx

  5. Andreas Fischer schreef:

    thank you very much – its very helpfull – thumbs up

  6. Julie Smitherooni schreef:

    Thank you for this! I just moved to West Virginia where Country Roads is the state song…AND my husband just bought me a guitar for Christmas because, well, we just moved to West Virginia! This seems so much easier than a lot of tutorials I've watched. By the way, my mother-in-law grew up in Alameda!

  7. sherry hall schreef:

    I just downloaded several of your lessons. Others have tried to teach me, but I love your style much more. I believe I can improve by making you my teacher. Thank you Tomas; you've given me new hope.

  8. mienso91 schreef:

    Great lesson! Thank You and Merry Christmas;D

  9. Dee Gregory schreef:

    I just started to play the guitar a couple months ago at age 74. Your instruction for Country Roads is great! I'll need to practice a lot, but I'll let you know when it sounds pretty good. My grandkids will be surprised!

  10. Tomas Michaud schreef:

    Well, who doesn't know Country Roads by John Denver among my Grownup #Guitar Buddies?  I'm definitely sure, this song is all familiar to all of us.

    It's a simple song form that is common among
    many songs even though the style and the rhythm is different. Come on, let's try it.

  11. Tomas Michaud schreef:

    The pleasure is mine, Sajjad! 🙂

  12. Tomas Michaud schreef:

    Not up to me.

  13. Sajad H schreef:

    Thank you very much mr. Michaud

  14. homapak schreef:

    Hi.tanx dear Tomas
    I wana download this vedio plz let me to do 🙂

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