Hey Soul Sister by Train – Guitar Lessons for Beginners Acoustic songs

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  1. @mikehussey5682 schreef:

    brilliant, could you please check out my song Internet trolls. excuse the singing though. 😉

  2. @yourguitarsage schreef:

    BTW, check out my free online course at: http://www.yourguitarsage.com/free-ugs-membership

  3. @lilastevens7357 schreef:

    hey men i love your tutorials men !

  4. @caitlinvillanueva2528 schreef:

    why dont guitar turtorials dont tell the strumming pattern 

  5. @yourguitarsage schreef:

    You are so welcome. I appreciate you so please stay in touch on FB & Twitter! I look forward to your comments 🙂

  6. @sniperdude213 schreef:

    Chords C, G, AM, and, F

  7. @rmonroe401 schreef:

    I am kinda lost where the A7aug and the gsus comes in. You not knowing the lyrics hurts, because if you able to use them I wouldn't be lost. Maybe you just made a mistake with your chord progression when you talked about those two chords, because the progression didn't seem to be any part of the song. But thanks for the rest.

  8. @rey312mart schreef:

    Strumming u d u d d

  9. @kimdanthor schreef:

    oops…just heard the no lyric comment…sorry

  10. @BALLERvsGAMER schreef:

    U are very good teacher ,better than the mahalo and the Marty u are awesome

  11. @max200184 schreef:

    Very Gooodd Daaa Daa!!!, the best on-youtube ever!!!:)

  12. @BuckFudweiser schreef:

    @leandeganis Orrrrr Jesus Pended

  13. @Mrstolichki schreef:

    HEy HMmm.. NExt Time Write The Chords !

  14. @MAGGIEDAKOOL schreef:

    7:42 ;))) he made me LOL ^___________^

  15. @pinoyALLmotorEVOIXMR schreef:

    "I don't even know the lyrics so.." LOL but this helps! 😀 sweeet. 3rd song, 3rd day I learned how to play 🙂 I'm a beast

  16. @7ritwik schreef:

    hey can you please tell me the strumming pattern? thanks 😀

  17. @akatsuki202 schreef:

    @aglovale123 hes looking at the chords lol

  18. @iu07 schreef:

    Are u using palm mutinG? And plam muting is always on up strings, isn't it?

  19. @iu07 schreef:

    Strumming is a bit hard –'

  20. @leandeganis schreef:

    @yourguitarsage Holy chords, batman.. haha thanks for the lesson, I'm practicing it right now

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