How To Play "THE WAY BACK" by Zach Bryan! Beginner Guitar Lesson

What’s up folks! In today’s lesson I’m teaching you the song The Way Back by Zach Bryan!

I broke down the strumming pattern as well as the chords for all the different parts of the song. At the end of the video you’ll find a play through that will include all the graphs for the chords as well as the strumming patterns in real time for you to play along!

🎸 Find the Tabs to the song here:

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4 reacties tot dusver:

  1. @jackhamilton1265 schreef:

    Can you do a tutorial on fifth of may?

  2. @AjDurbinMusic schreef:

    good job man

  3. @user-hl7xg6ch9l schreef:

    Can you do “Boons” by Zach Bryan?

  4. @peinguinboy3816 schreef:

    You should do sandpaper or better days or towers next

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Posted by: Gerald Bates on

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