How to reach your Full Potential on Guitar by just doing this!

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Eddie Haddad

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14 reacties tot dusver:

  1. @KayakCampingOffGrid schreef:

    I never heard ANYONE before NOW EXPLAIN that a minor note in the scale has that sad tone! It's been staring me in the face, because I know the minor chord sounds sad, because it has a flat 3rd. Duh! 😅
    I really like your lessons and sub'd because ALL your lessons continue to deliver that important AHA MOMENT!
    Thank you Sur đŸŽ‰â€đŸ˜‚

  2. @dabiededoo schreef:

    Thanks for this easy video explanations..i have 1 thing( not about this..)
    Can someone tell me , what is the difference, with Barre the third freth, and then e shape on the fifth.. thats an G?
    but what if you barre the third and then on the 5th the B G and D strings?.. what is that chord then? and why is that… because its all looking like G for me but idk how to know why it is then a whole different Chord? or is is that a C chord then?..i know c is also barre only the first 5 strings and not all 6. and then one string lower the same shape as G major there you have C.. but i mean the A shape just as E shape G chord. if it make sense.. like how you do A on the Fifth and seventh frets

    i know the caged shapes. but dont know how that is.. because you barre the third fret, so i thought that is just G then..

    i hope it makes some sense or is understandable.. with my englisg

  3. @Kenneth-tm8ml schreef:

    Went from learning the guitar to teaching wonderful thing thanks brother😊😊

  4. @Kenneth-tm8ml schreef:

    Thank you my brother you sure do help a lot of people😅😊

  5. @megantillman2824 schreef:

    This might seem like a minor point, but I don't plan to ever reach my full potential…I want to keep learning and progressing as long as I am able to hold a guitar.

  6. @finisplayhouse schreef:

    Great vertical explanation, i only understood the horizontal numbering from Jerry Cherrys video. Finally understand the simplicity of minor to major scales. Thank you!

  7. @rogercarey5397 schreef:

    I dont even refer to the penetonic scale . I dont look at the neck that way.

  8. @Nicholask85 schreef:

    One love keep the vibes high and remember to do something today that you can thank yourself for tomorrow!

  9. @delraysherman2733 schreef:

    In just a few months I've learned how to understand the fret board and how to play the guitar then I ever played before . I'm really having problems with playing the cords.

  10. @brotherbrian7778 schreef:

    Minor pentatonic, drop 3 frets, becomes major pentatonic for same key

  11. @greggriffiths9053 schreef:

    When you reach the root note on the D string does it repeat starting with the flat Third or on flat seven other than that I get it.

  12. @scottmelton3092 schreef:

    Exactly what I’ve been working on lately. Great time to run into it. Great lesson and love the way you teach.

  13. @rickmartins9135 schreef:

    I'm lost. Flat 7, flat 3rd, major 3rd, etc.

  14. @joanmason-magoon3206 schreef:

    I love his lesson on 3rds and 6ths

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