I HATE When Guitar Teachers Do THIS to Beginner Guitar Players

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In today’s video, I’m addressing a critical issue: the approach many guitar teachers take that can make students feel inadequate or discouraged. I recently came across a video from another guitar teacher who emphasized that he wouldn’t dumb down lessons or simplify techniques for students. While he seemed knowledgeable, this attitude can be detrimental, especially for beginners.

I share an example from a forum where a teacher struggled with an older student trying to learn “Happy Birthday.” Instead of adapting, he insisted on full chords right away. My philosophy is different: there’s no shame in starting with partial chords or simpler techniques to build confidence and enjoyment. For instance, a G chord can be played with just the bottom three strings, and a simplified C chord with two fingers is perfectly valid.

As teachers, our goal should be to meet students at their level and make learning fun. Overloading beginners with complex theory or difficult chords can lead to frustration and quitting. Instead, I believe in building skills gradually and making sure students have a positive, enjoyable experience with the guitar.

If you’re struggling with traditional methods or feeling discouraged, check out my free crash course at laurenbateman.com/crashcourse. Let’s make guitar learning fun and accessible for everyone!

⏱I hate when guitar teachers do this Chapters: ⏱

0:00 – Introduction: The Problem with Traditional Guitar Teaching
2:13 – The Value of Simplifying Chords
3:34 – Building Confidence with Easy Techniques
5:11 – The Importance of Having Fun
7:14 – Why Simplifying is Not “Dumbing Down”
9:22 – The Flawed Approach of Overloading with Theory
10:53 – A Better Way to Teach: My Guitar Teaching Philosophy
12:25 – Personal Experience: Learning Without Music Theory
13:00 – Finding the Right Teacher for You
14:35 – Conclusion: Making Guitar Fun and Accessible

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Thank you for watching my guitar lesson.

Lauren 🙂

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19 reacties tot dusver:

  1. @jesseross6029 schreef:

    I took a guitar class many years ago at my local community college. I had one of the teachers you described — really nice guy, but way over my head. I had never played guitar before entering that course, and he expected me to learn Hotel California — and perform it — in three months time. I knew right away that wasn't going to happen. I love your Youtube lessons, Lauren. Not only are they more my speed, but since they're online, I don't have to hurry through them. Thanks for doing what you do!

  2. @keithskelton4914 schreef:

    well done
    patience is the key
    it takes us all time on our journey
    in life
    as well as guitar
    move on to a more sympathetic tutor
    don't give up folks
    I'm 74
    still trying
    still learning ✌
    fun is key

  3. @DifferentCreationMedia schreef:

    Dear,love it, when you come with a new chapter.Every class feels like we are primary students and you are a very nice person and of course a guitar which is our toy.I want to say one thing. I really want to know.
    Whenever we sit down to practice the guitar for 30 minutes or 1 hour or more, how do we organize the practice lessons?

    Maybe those who get you as a teacher from the front are lucky. Many of us have tried and will for years but don't know where to end up. Stay well and we will practice when we get off work.

  4. @michaelpasmore116 schreef:

    I went to a guitar instructor many years ago and he scolded me for using my thumb to play and embellish chords like Jimi Hendrix and SRV on the low E string did and when he said my thumb should never move up past halfway on the neck – I responded well I do that when playing barre chords. I said (before I left the last lesson) that I’m trying to learn Nothing Else Matters by Metallica and can you help me with the lead portion. He asked me to play it and after I did he said no I can’t as I don’t know how to play it and just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

  5. @GG-jw8pt schreef:

    Teachers like him are narcissists. Makes them feel less special if everyone can do what they do. They lose their power, so basically they have no intention of teaching, just grifting the cash.

  6. @butterfinger1171 schreef:

    Question for you if im interpreting the meaning of scales correctly..
    Is it basically a family of chords that compliment each other.

  7. @user-cw7vd9kq8z schreef:

    You are awesome!

  8. @stirlingjacobs5503 schreef:

    Great Video! Learning shortcuts is literally how I learned to play the actual things properly. Without the shortcuts its very easy to get disgruntled and quit because of a lack of progress. You dont pickup a guitar to learn music theory. You pick it up to play it. The theory comes later.

  9. @user-ut7hh3zb2f schreef:

    Triads (partial chords) are perfectly valid. I've used them for decades, when playing jazz style chord melodies, and they also make chord substitutions easier. Playing classical guitar, I have to use partial chords, in order to be able to do the arrangements. Theory came later. It just makes more sense when you've played for a while, so you already have a real world reference. Same with CAGED … It's just chord shapes, from which I could visualize what the scale would be. All these tools are supposed to make it easier, not harder. I started playing when I was 7, and I'm 71 now.

  10. @MrGmooney schreef:

    Totally agree as someone who has been playing guitar for over fifty years and teaching almost twenty five years,and I agree that certain musicians are up on their very high superior horses, and refuse to come down to the beginners level.

  11. @qumrantaj4255 schreef:

    Thank you your philosophy of teaching! I've taught a great many students over the years (not music related.) My belief is if a student is trying to learn anything but fails to progress, the problem is likely the teacher not the student.

  12. @texasskyliner704 schreef:

    Mr. Miyagi says there is no bad student, just bad teachers. I tend to agree with this.

  13. @terry5123 schreef:

    Lauren you are totally correct I’m 72 and I have discovered your channel and I have learned from you in general most people can’t teach they maybe gifted but they haven’t got the natural ability to teach you have this ability i must confess I really haven’t got as far as I would like to but I can go through the chords and produce a tune that’s listenable and it’s fun doing it 👍

  14. @terryhand schreef:

    I am an older learner. Triads not only made chords easier, but opened up the whole fretboard for me

  15. @billsimmons1753 schreef:

    Testify, Lauren!

  16. @user-om9ix2lh3t schreef:

    To all who want to learn guitar have fun with it and find a teacher who will show you simple
    Chords to begin with and stay away from the self important douche bag one.Giutar is for every one who wamts to learn…Don't let any idiots telll you different😊😊😊😊😊🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  17. @danhaynes5262 schreef:

    I repaired computers and taught people to use them for over 20 years. The first conversation I had to have with a new employee is that they are not there to make customers feel stupid! For some reason tech & now, I guess some guitar teacher feel that their job is to glorify themselves and make the client stand in awe of them and fell dumb. What a crock! I told my employees if you were dropped behind the desk of a real estate agent, or insurance adjuster or probably even a lemonade stand, they would probably have no idea how to proceed. Why then do you expect these folks to know how to repair the computer. And, if they did, we would be out of a job. Thank you, Lauren, for taking that same approach with your clients. I'm one of those who played some 40 – 50 years ago, I reached a level and never improved, then put it up because of life and now I have time once again. Thanks for the encouragement.

  18. @foreignfortune5597 schreef:

    you really do understand…❤

  19. @davidcasagrande267 schreef:

    The one thing I can't stand , is when guitar teachers tell beginner students what they have to learn . The first thing a teacher should do is find out what the students ultimate goal is , and then help them get there. If a students ultimate goal is to be the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band , then the teacher should give them a couple of heavy metal licks to play around with , even if it's a total disaster , they will have fun and probably will come back for another lesson . If you give them your E minor chord to practice they probably won't come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know any heavy metal licks , just tell the student , I am not the teacher for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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