Is this THE acoustic guitar for beginners? | Enya NOVA GO SP1 Review

The Enya Nova Go guitars are compelling options as beginner acoustic guitars, with an impressively low price tag. Light-weight, durable carbon fiber construction mean you don’t have to worry about it getting knocked around, and it’s compact size also make it a great candidate as a travel guitar.

In this video we’ll go over some pros and cons of the Enya Nova Go SP1 and share a bunch of sounds from the guitar.

Check out the Nova Go SP1 here:


All sounds produced with the Enya Nova Go SP1 using a Pinstripe Pedals DISO DI, into a UA Apollo Twin, with light mastering compression.

. . .

00:00 Intro Sketch
01:17 Welcome
02:34 Who is it for?
03:25 Acoustic sounds
05:45 Strumming
07:11 On-board effects presets

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