Julian Lage – An Otherworldly Guitar Hero (full interview)

An inspring chat about the guitar with @JulianLageofficial I’m still not fully recovered.

▶Julian Lage:◀


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Hi, my name is Paul Davids! I am a guitar player, teacher, producer, and overall music enthusiast from the Netherlands! I try to inspire people from all over the world with my videos, here on YouTube.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:14 The sound and touch on the guitar
00:03:57 Tight vs open sound
00:07:18 Lead vs Rhythm guitar
00:08:46 Breaking stigmas
00:10:16 Bending, intonation, tension and pitch
00:12:18 Tonality and keys
00:13:18 Discovering the fretboard and making bad decisions
00:15:43 Boundaries – the pros and cons
00:18:58 The knowable concepts of guitar
00:21:38 A very helpful guitar exercise
00:23:52 What level are you on guitar?
00:29:03 Theory vs Feel
00:34:53 The importance of learning songs
00:35:54 Julian Lage plays My Funny Valentine
00:38:00 Learning guitar
00:42:38 Why Julian plays a Telecaster
00:46:28 Flatwound strings
00:49:38 Rhythm, groove and timing
00:52:36 Mindset when practicing
00:54:38 Critiquing your own playing
01:01:39 Nerves and performing
01:06:59 Phrasing and being a performer
01:09:36 Julian Lage plays Day and Age

21 reacties tot dusver:

  1. @magnusisyomomma schreef:

    Saw the thumbnail, and was like 'Snap, how is he jamming with Abraham Lincoln' ?

    Mad Love for Julian!

  2. @transfiguration8865 schreef:

    Dude looks like Abe Lincoln. 🤔

  3. @hilla42 schreef:

    Thank you Paul for this special interview. I like the way it went and where you put it. Not the usual blablabla, but really it went into the person and his touch to music, into the root and the space of being a musician. I hope to see you interview e.g. Mike Dawes the same way. Julian is a wunderful person and I am happy to get to know him in such a depth with this video, even though I did not know him before. Thank you again, cheers, Lars

  4. @Stevestevestevestevestevesteve schreef:

    Amazing amount of time this man has put into the guitar 😳

  5. @RoyalYoutube_PRO schreef:

    He is wayyy too happy for an electric guitarist … Inspiring

  6. @guitararchtop schreef:

    julian lage is a very great musician , his music amazing me . i saw her trio at marciac concert in France , i was very very pleased to see on live performance

  7. @medonho schreef:

    This is waaaaaay beyond technical. Julian brings us so much humanity. Enjoy it while IA doesn't rule it all, folks. Thanx, Paul, for such a gem. Cheers from Brazil.

  8. @newty0879 schreef:

    didn’t know abraham lincoln played guitar

  9. @gabrielsaint9123 schreef:

    This video reminds me that guitar culture is alive and healthy.

  10. @elrafa782 schreef:

    Wow ! This funny valentine ! Blown away, I tought I was playing it too, but it must be something different… and the Paul kid look when Julian plays, no doubt about your passion for music ! Thanks guys. Mister Lage is a monument 🙏

  11. @ayjbray schreef:

    Beginner guitar player here and have unfortunately never heard of Julian until today, and wow what an awesome, inspirational, and humble dude he is. True professional. Instantly became a fan and am so inspired to learn more about playing especially in the jazz realm which I enjoy listening too at times but have never actually thought about learning how to play it, until today. Huge blessing! Thank you Paul for having him on your chan and making us feel like we were there with you guys! Don’t let this be the last time you have him as a guest either!

  12. @nikhilaarons schreef:

    Paul thanks for this! Loved the interview. Julian is the best, the freedom, touch and dynamics he plays with is amazing.

  13. @lush462 schreef:

    Unlike the pentatonic farther Bonamassa 😂

  14. @JuanRaven1 schreef:

    This is so good …. Thank you both for this 💚🎸

  15. @antonakis79ohyes schreef:

    Thank you for hosting him. More people should get to know him, he really is the best and so, so humble..!

  16. @GuitarJesse7 schreef:

    9:30 I totally get that bending may not fit certain songs or styles, but the longer I play guitar the more I appreciate the uniqueness that is bending and the incredible expression it offers us. Not many instruments can do it.

  17. @gdkemble schreef:

    He is so generous.

  18. @yaboiflats6986 schreef:

    This entire video was so captivating. Fantastic

  19. @MurrayWilliams schreef:

    If you hear only one point that Julian makes, my suggestion is that you jettison the practice of beating yourself up as you learn. That isn’t necessary to learn how to play. It doesn’t make learning better or faster.

    You will continue to learn even if you enjoy your playing along the way. It took me 30 years of playing to figure that out. Do yourself a favor and learn that quicker than me.

  20. @ishgumi44 schreef:

    The genius and originality of Julian is undeniable. Also, what a nice, humble person!

  21. @fredfloyd34 schreef:

    Neat people jammin…Hmm …doesnt get any better…

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