R&B and Soul Guitar Tutorial Part 3

Here’s part 3 of this R&B and Soul guitar lesson to get that soulful Memphis and Muscle Shoals sound.

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6 reacties tot dusver:

  1. @michaelbelliveau8755 schreef:

    Love that A shape slide..and all the rest..thanks man%^)

  2. @jakewalsh7220 schreef:

    Delicious, Jimmy…

  3. @joehrozencik6273 schreef:

    Jimmy, you should be famous…. maybe you are…

  4. @clivealcaraz_musicculture8338 schreef:

    Keep em coming jimmy

  5. @anthonyalfredyorke1621 schreef:

    Thanks Jimmy, that opening lick is very reminiscent of a song from Wings " BAND ON THE RUN " another wonderful video thanks again and have a great Week. PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE ❤❤.

  6. @highfive6553 schreef:

    Thanks Jimmy!! Pretty stoked on my progress…I made the last page in Mediocre Guitarist magazine!! I'm workin' on it!😊

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