NEW Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Electric Guitar | Demo and Overview with Angela Petrilli

NEW Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Electric Guitar | Demo and Overview with Angela Petrilli

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For devoted Gibson Les Paul aficionados, ’50s Standards are, well, the “gold standard.” A 1958 or 1959 sunburst is an instrument of sublime beauty, and models in exceptional shape command astronomical prices. The Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s Limited Edition evokes the look, feel and sound of these near-unobtainable treasures, and puts the magic into your hands. This celebration of an iconic Les Paul era features a solid mahogany body, plain maple top, rounded-C mahogany neck, 12″ radius rosewood fretboard, 22 medium-jumbo frets and Burstbucker 1 (neck) and Burstbucker 2 (bridge) humbuckers.

“Players such as Jimmy Page and Warren Haynes inspired me to pick up a Les Paul,” says Los Angeles guitarist, educator and leader of her own band, Angela Petrilli. “I have a ’59 reissue back home that I absolutely love. Les Pauls are incredibly resonant instruments. You can strum them and get a beautiful rhythm with a big, all-encompassing tone, but you can also get a screaming lead sound if you hit an overdrive pedal. When I play in the rhythm position of a Les Paul, I’m looking for something that is well rounded with a lot of character, but still has enough bite to cut through a mix. In the bridge position, I look for something that really cuts. This guitar gives me the tones I would expect from a ’50s Les Paul Standard.”

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00:00 – Intro with Angela Petrilli
01:26 – Overview and Features of the Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s
02:26 – Neck Position (Burstbucker 1 Pickup)
03:00 – Bridge Position (Burstbucker 2 Pickup)
04:46 – Middle Position (Burstbucker 1 and Burstbucker 2 Pickups)
06:12 – On the Tonal Versatility of the Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s
08:11 – Outro

new Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Goldtop P90, Part1

new Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Goldtop P90, Part1

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