English Speaking Lesson (asking for & giving advice)

English Speaking Lesson (asking for & giving advice)

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Do you want to improve your speaking in English? Of course you do! It is every English learner’s dream to speak English fluently and easily! But do you know how? In this lesson, we’re going to practice speaking by learning how to ask for and give advice.

Here are some frequent questions about speaking in English:
Why can I understand, but can’t speak?
I don’t have a speaking partner, how can I practice?
What if I make mistakes and there is no one to correct me?

In order to become more fluent in English, you have to speak, and speak, and speak in English. There is no other way. However, you don’t need a speaking partner to do this! you can speak with yourself!

Another reason why many students are afraid to talk in English is due to lack of confidence. A very good practice to improve your confidence is to pretend as if you are presenting something to an imaginary audience. Stand up and ready something aloud, and make eye contact from time to time!

To be a good English speaker, you need to think in English. If you think in English, you will talk in English too! But how? You can keep a journal of the things you want to do during the day, or the things you did on that day. Plus, you should talk to yourself in English! this time, not aloud! Talk to yourself in your head.

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