Gibson J-45 History – Is This the Most Iconic Acoustic Guitar of All Time?!

Gibson J-45 History – Is This the Most Iconic Acoustic Guitar of All Time?!

Is this the most iconic acoustic guitar of all time?! In this video Meg takes a look at a brief history of the timeline of the Gibson J45. Used by famous musicians for decades from Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Elliot Smith, theres no denying the Gibson J45 has played a huge role in the evolution of acoustic guitars.

We’ll dive into when the J-45 was first created, how they’ve evolved over time and the different variations of this model that have been made. Plus a tonal comparison of two current J45 models, putting them to the test mic’d up and recorded through the line in. If you’ve been a fan of the Gibson brand then you are bound to find some interesting facts in this video about a well beloved acoustic guitar!

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00:00 Intro
1:35 Early Gibson Guitars
3:00 J-45 Origin & Development
5:25 Notable J-45 Artists
6:06 Gibson J-45 Montana Original
6:56 J-45 Playing Comparison
10:55 Guitar Maturation
11:20 Outro

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A continuation of “Stat-ober”, these videos aren’t in any particular order. Of course SRV should have been before John Mayer, he being such a massive influence on John playing and choice of instrument specs. And then Jeff Beck should have been ahead of both of them and he’s still to come.

But the story of how I came across SRV at the beginning of the video is one of the most profound musical memories of my life and there was never any doubt that I’d want to do the reading and a video about the most important guitars in that legacy. I hope you enjoy it.