Julian Lage – An Otherworldly Guitar Hero (full interview)

Julian Lage – An Otherworldly Guitar Hero (full interview)

An inspring chat about the guitar with @JulianLageofficial I’m still not fully recovered.

▶Julian Lage:◀


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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:14 The sound and touch on the guitar
00:03:57 Tight vs open sound
00:07:18 Lead vs Rhythm guitar
00:08:46 Breaking stigmas
00:10:16 Bending, intonation, tension and pitch
00:12:18 Tonality and keys
00:13:18 Discovering the fretboard and making bad decisions
00:15:43 Boundaries – the pros and cons
00:18:58 The knowable concepts of guitar
00:21:38 A very helpful guitar exercise
00:23:52 What level are you on guitar?
00:29:03 Theory vs Feel
00:34:53 The importance of learning songs
00:35:54 Julian Lage plays My Funny Valentine
00:38:00 Learning guitar
00:42:38 Why Julian plays a Telecaster
00:46:28 Flatwound strings
00:49:38 Rhythm, groove and timing
00:52:36 Mindset when practicing
00:54:38 Critiquing your own playing
01:01:39 Nerves and performing
01:06:59 Phrasing and being a performer
01:09:36 Julian Lage plays Day and Age

Tommy Emmanuel interview and fingerstyle lesson

Tommy Emmanuel interview and fingerstyle lesson

For our 100th issue, we caught up with the virtuoso acoustic guitarist at the North American Guitar studios in London to talk about his latest compilation album, The Guitar Mastery Of Tommy Emmanuel. Here, he gives readers an exclusive lesson on his thumb picking technique which is available in tablature from issue 100. He also talks about the Maton EGB808TE guitar which you could win over at www.acousticmagazine.com

For the interview and lesson with Tommy, check out the issue 100 of Acoustic magazine, out now. Tommy is touring the UK in January 2015, so get along to see him live! Visit http://www.tommyemmanuel.com/ for tickets.


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Mozes Rosenberg – Gipsyjazz gitaar – Interview deel 1 | StageCoach Sessions

Mozes Rosenberg – Gipsyjazz gitaar – Interview deel 1 | StageCoach Sessions

Ongelofelijk swingende jazz spelen op een enorm hoog tempo en improviseren op de meest ingewikkelde schema’s, maar… geen noten lezen, akkoordnamen niet kennen en alleen op gehoor spelen. In de Sinti-cultuur wordt gipsyjazz gespeeld op de voor hun traditionele manier: veel samen jammen in de woonkamer. En de deur staat altijd open voor iedereen die mee wil doen. Dat gaat zo van generatie op generatie.

Mozes Rosenberg is een telg uit de zeer muzikale Rosenberg-dynastie, die inmiddels bestaat uit zijn oudere broer Stochelo Rosenberg, neef Jimmy Rosenberg en de fenomenale zanger en gitarist Johnny Rosenberg. Mozes is frontman van The Rosenbergs, een trio met Johnny Rosenberg en Sani van Mullem op bas. Verleden jaar hebben zij het album ‘Double Scotch’ uitgebracht met als speciale gasten Stochelo en de violist Roby Lakatos.

Mozes Rosenbergs compositie Mozology staat centraal in deze serie StageCoach Sessions. Zie daarvoor de andere video’s in deze serie. In dit interview vertelt hij over zijn gipsyjazzstijl en achtergronden van zijn carrière.

Zie ook het interview en de workshop in Gitarist 377 (augustus 2022).

StageCoach Sessions is een initiatief van Matthieu Brandt dat hij samen met Gitarist en de andere titels in onze uitgeverij uitrolt.

De StageCoach Sessions video’s, gefilmd op locatie, omvatten topkwaliteit live-opnames van bands, instructievideo’s per muzikant met workshops inclusief notenwerk, en interviews die zowel op video als in onze magazines gepubliceerd worden.

Op dit Youtube-kanaal van Gitarist kun je alle StageCoach Sessions video’s vinden!

The Larry Carlton Interview

The Larry Carlton Interview

Larry Carlton is an American guitarist who built his career as a studio musician in the 1970s and ’80s for acts such as Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell. He has participated in thousands of recording sessions, recorded on hundreds of albums in many genres, for television and movies, and on more than 100 gold records. Larry delivered his self-titled debut for Warner Bros. in 1978, shortly after he was recognized for his ground-breaking guitar playing on Steely Dan’s Royal Scam album. (Carlton contributed the memorable guitar solo on “Kid Charlemagne.”) He released four more albums for Warner Bros., Strikes Twice (1980), Sleepwalk (1981), Eight Times Up (1982), and the Grammy-nominated Friends (1983).

He continued studio session work and touring in between, emerging again in 1986 on MCA Records with an all-acoustic album, Discovery, which contained an instrumental remake of Michael McDonald’s hit, “Minute by Minute.” The single won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1987. Carlton’s live album, Last Nite, released in 1987, got him a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance.

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Why use a Whiskeyflask for slide guitar? (interview)

Why use a Whiskeyflask for slide guitar? (interview)

Jack Broadbent interviewed by Giovanca. A conversation about sing a Whiskey flask for his slide guitar, busking and Jack’s favorite 70s band: Little Feat.

Jack Broadbent (june 15th 1988 Lincolnshire UK) is hailed as “The new master of the slide guitar” by the Montreux Jazz Festival and “The real thang” by the legendary Bootsy Collins, Jack Broadbent has spent the past year wowing international audiences with his unique blend of virtuosic acoustic and slide guitar, and poignant folk and blues inspired vocals.

more music: https://www.vpro.nl/vrijegeluiden
more about Jack Broadbent: http://www.jackbroadbent.co.uk/
Broadcast february 6th 2019
This video was recorded in TivoliVredenburg for VPRO Vrije Geluiden: music program made by the Dutch public broadcast organization VPRO
twitter, instagram @vrijegeluiden”

Warren Haynes on Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning | Reverb Interview

Warren Haynes on Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning | Reverb Interview

Warren Haynes, of Gov’t Mule and the Allman Brothers Band, sat down with Reverb to discuss his slide playing. While most players will apply slide techniques to an open tuning, Warren prefers to play his slide guitar in standard tuning. In this video, Warren shares a few go-to positions and licks for slide guitar in standard tuning.

Read more about Warren Haynes and Slide Guitar at http://bit.ly/2rTZgQM.

Cream Guitars NAMM 2022 Interview

Cream Guitars NAMM 2022 Interview

Thanks to @cream.guitars for giving me the opportunity to try out their amazing guitars and allowing me to film this interview! I hope to do a more extensive demo in the future 😉 😉

Host/Camera: Ian Blaemire
Camera: Kyle Hansen, Patrick Smith

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