Julian Lage – An Otherworldly Guitar Hero (full interview)

Julian Lage – An Otherworldly Guitar Hero (full interview)

An inspring chat about the guitar with @JulianLageofficial I’m still not fully recovered.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:14 The sound and touch on the guitar
00:03:57 Tight vs open sound
00:07:18 Lead vs Rhythm guitar
00:08:46 Breaking stigmas
00:10:16 Bending, intonation, tension and pitch
00:12:18 Tonality and keys
00:13:18 Discovering the fretboard and making bad decisions
00:15:43 Boundaries – the pros and cons
00:18:58 The knowable concepts of guitar
00:21:38 A very helpful guitar exercise
00:23:52 What level are you on guitar?
00:29:03 Theory vs Feel
00:34:53 The importance of learning songs
00:35:54 Julian Lage plays My Funny Valentine
00:38:00 Learning guitar
00:42:38 Why Julian plays a Telecaster
00:46:28 Flatwound strings
00:49:38 Rhythm, groove and timing
00:52:36 Mindset when practicing
00:54:38 Critiquing your own playing
01:01:39 Nerves and performing
01:06:59 Phrasing and being a performer
01:09:36 Julian Lage plays Day and Age

Rig Rundown: Julian Lage

Rig Rundown: Julian Lage

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​When it comes to jazz virtuoso Julian Lage, you’d be hard-pressed to find an electric guitarist who uses less gear. “Any time I’ve [used too much equipment], there’s an awkwardness where I’m still grappling with the fact that I play here,” he says, gesturing to his guitar, then gesturing to his amp, “but the sound comes out there.” He continues, “It sounds like a joke, but it’s been a struggle for me. Any time there’s layers or filters or anything, I feel dissociated.” Of course, Lage’s rig, which buoys his clean, no-frills tone, makes sense for a musician like himself—whose playing often comes across fluidly, and as gently as his personality.

For Lage, that fluidity stems from his conception of music as a language. “I think that the way people speak is often more unfettered,” Lage told Premier Guitar in 2021. “There might not be an obvious correlation between the way people speak in a lecture and the notes on the guitar. But it’s just a little stretch of the imagination to see that those are pitches, those are rhythms, those are phrases.”

On View with a Room, Lage’s second release on the hallowed Blue Note Records, he’s offering a fresh, bold continuation of the conversation he’s created over the years. The album features his latest ensemble, made up of himself, bassist Jorge Roeder, and drummer Dave King—but this time, he’s added the legendary Bill Frisell. Together, the musicians help to expand Lage’s body of work with performances of 10 of his original compositions.

While on tour for the album, Lage invited PG’s John Bohlinger to the soundcheck before his show at Brooklyn Bowl inn Nashville to share his insights into why he likes a straightforward rig and “honest” tone. In the interview, Lage elaborates on his three main guitars (his Nachocaster, Collings signature, and ’55 Les Paul), explains why he prefers low volume on his amps, and offers a remarkably brief tour of his pedalboard.

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00:00 – D’Addario XS Strings
00:15 – Julian Lage Intro
00:59 – Nachoguitars 1657 “Nachocaster”
07:18 – Collings Julian Lage 470 JL
13:07 – 1955 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
18:00 – Magic Amps Vibro Deluxe
21:25 – Julian Lage’s Pedalboard

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