Jesse Cook | Rumba Flamenco Music | The Best of “Love In The Time of Covid”

Jesse Cook | Rumba Flamenco Music | The Best of “Love In The Time of Covid”

Jesse Cook | Rumba Flamenco Music| The Best of “Love in the Time of Covid”

I recorded these songs at home, over four months, at the height of lockdown. Music gave me a way to escape the four walls of my house. And posting these videos gave me a community of music lovers to connect with once a week during our Friday premieres. With music and friends, you can get through almost anything.

Although most of what you see here is me, alone, playing all the instruments, recording, mixing, filming and editing these videos, I was very fortunate to have friends and family who jumped in to help on a few. I am eternally grateful to: CCDOP, Nancy, Corey, both Juans, Dan, Marito, Fethi, and Matt.

00:00 Azul
03:01 Rain
05:50 Rattle and Burn
09:24 Cascada
12:53 Libre
15:29 Into the Dark
19:41 Taxi Brazil
22:18 Breathing Below Surface
28:34 Afternoon at Satie’s
31:31 That’s Right
35:00 Breath
37:44 Bogota By Bus
40:49 Tuesday’s Child
45:00 Breeze From Saintes Maries
49:11 All That Remains

This list is not the complete series. There where other videos I made, but did not include. This was simply an issue of flow. I feel this collection fits together nicely, while those videos are better viewed on their own. they can be seen as part of the “Love In The Time of Covid” playlist:

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Rumba Tutorial – Flamenco Guitar

Rumba Tutorial – Flamenco Guitar

Tabs and Score:

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How to play flamenco rumba #shorts

How to play flamenco rumba #shorts

How to play flamenco rumba
Start slow and practice consistently.
Follow for more tips.

Paul Davis, Lucas Imbiriba and Marcin Patrzalek follow this strategy and use the tips in tutorials.

AMAZING – Rumba Solo Guitar Tab Tutorial "Bonavita"

AMAZING – Rumba Solo Guitar Tab Tutorial "Bonavita"

Rumba Solo Guitar TAB Tutorial💃

You can find the strumming pattern for this rumba in our “Rumba Pulgar” Tutorial.

🎶Between the strumming patterns, we leave a free measure.

🎶This space allows for the addition of a melody, which enhances the overall sound and makes it all the more enjoyable for listeners.

This style has always fascinated and inspired me to learn guitar.

🎸If you’re also interested in learning rumba, be sure to check out our online course and book.

Rumba with friendly permission of the composer Sal Bonavita.
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#konzertgitarre #akustikgitarre

How to play Rumba with Golpe – Flamenco Guitar lesson

How to play Rumba with Golpe – Flamenco Guitar lesson

This is how to play Rumba with Golpe!
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Rumba with Golpe is a popular style in Flamenco Guitar, characterized by its lively rhythms and percussive techniques.

This YouTube tutorial provides a brief description and demonstration of this style. Rumba has gained significant popularity thanks to influential musicians like Paco de Lucia and the Gipsy Kings.

The tutorial will guide you through the basics of playing Rumba with Golpe, helping you understand the distinctive rhythms and techniques associated with this energetic Flamenco style.

Norman from

Jesse Cook | Azul (Rumba Flamenco Guitar Music)

Jesse Cook | Azul (Rumba Flamenco Guitar Music)

Revisited this flamenco rumba from my second album “Gravity” (1996). Sometimes coming back to an old song is like seeing an old friend. You pick right up where you left off, like no time has passed.

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