The Secret To Beautiful Chord Progressions

We’re analyzing how Coldplay breaks the rules when writing music and how their chord progressions tell a story.



Fender Telecaster – Source Audio Collider – Fender Deluxe
Miced with a beyerdynamic M160 and a Neumann TLM 102

Hi, my name is Paul Davids! I am a guitar player, teacher, producer, and overall music enthusiast from the Netherlands! I try to inspire people from all over the world with my videos, here on YouTube.

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17 reacties tot dusver:

  1. Hristhov Lopez schreef:

    My friend, what is the song playing in background towards end of video? 10:43

  2. Paul Wilson schreef:

    The actual science behind what gives a band 'their sound' explained flawlessly. No surprise 3M subs was achieved

  3. Melissa Ivan schreef:

    Thanks Paul for such a clear musical explanation of why Cold Play songs are so awesome and for the encouragement to keep paying closer attention to the beauty of music. Cheers.

  4. Pedro B schreef:

    Loved your video!!! New subscriber!! Such a nice soul 😊😊😊

  5. Pedro B schreef:

    Man its my 1st video from you and im in love with the sound of your guitar!!! Where can i get one??? Great video btw!!!

  6. VeryFitting schreef:

    Personally, I prefer Coldplay of the 90s.

  7. Phil N schreef:

    I'm curious, I have the feeling that eg. on Don't Panic the bass line is also doing something here that underlines the chord progression, but I don't know enough music theory to say more than "that sounds great". What do you think, can you add the bass line to your analysis?

  8. arbutussigns Video schreef:

    I am 70 and, just got a Martin X series. I love your videos, I can stop, rewind, go, stop, rewind, go, and keep this up till I get a little bit of a clue. Thanks very much. Do you do payed for lessons like not advanced but, not for beginners. I had a very very bad old guitar before I got a Martin X now the Martin is showing up all my v bad habits. Young folks learn from my mistakes. Get a reasonable good guitar to start with, as one can get away with a lot of bad playing on an old one but, not so on a good guitar. My opinion for what it is worth. Please excuse my ramblings.

  9. Dave Percy schreef:

    Thank you. That was amazing! Going watch this again and again

  10. Romain Rauyer schreef:

    Probably the best guitar/music "teacher" on youtube (I would say it because you seem so humble whereas you"re delivering such proper and priceless content and knowledge!) thanks !!

  11. Tech21 21 schreef:

    coldplay its like VII and V japanese progretions

  12. Keelo Raz schreef:

    Does Coldplay even know they were doing these things.

  13. Project Yah’s Garden schreef:

    Anybody know anyone giving jazz guitar lessons in person. I’m in ATL

  14. Pete Skyrunner schreef:

    Slick editing buddy.

  15. Amphibic Records schreef:

    One of the best ones i've seen you do Paul!!!

  16. Wet Stick schreef:

    wait so are the songs in lydian or major?

  17. Linas Bankauskas schreef:

    STING's "When We Dance" probably is the most beautiful use of lydian mode (for me 🙂).

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