Top 10 Easy Finger Picking Songs




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In this video I am showing 10 songs that are good to learn if you are a beginner fingerstyle guitarist. Not only the chords, but also the picking patterns are not that difficult. This selection is made to help anyone who wants to take a next step in the finger picking game!

22 reacties tot dusver:

  1. KURWI GRZYB schreef:

    Is there good tutorial for No Excuses for beginners?

  2. Joff schreef:

    Easy? and then says some can be quite challening? Where does that sound like a top 10 easy?

  3. campbelldaniel58 schreef:

    This would be a useful video if you SHOWED how to actually play them. 🙄 Very disappointed.

  4. Simon88 schreef:

    So glad I’ve found your channel. Love it.
    I’m sitting here with my guitar, poised to play along.

  5. DispozableHero schreef:

    Can you teach me to grow that nice of a beard though

  6. Md Nurul Hassan schreef:

    speak your heart tutorial please devid …

  7. SamTheMan schreef:

    Anouk – Lost is so nice

  8. eddie tingle schreef:

    Speak your heart tutorial video??

  9. Oli x4 schreef:

    Why is there never links?!

  10. Evan Mulryan schreef:

    The first one kind of sounds like Alan Jackson-Remember When

  11. Aree in schreef:

    Where are the tabs?🤔🙄🙄

  12. Alexander schreef:

    Nice artsy shots but I would be better if I could the chords and finger picking patterns

  13. Andrew Powell schreef:

    Paul, you are great 😊

  14. Aldo Antonio Folkaribbean schreef:

    Hola Pau, gracias por este video. Aquí le dejo un enlace sobre mi música original para un Hybrid Bass Guitar. Saludos cordiales.

  15. N. GLASS schreef:

    I thought this was an instructional video…. Heres video of me playing. just join my patreon you like to learn what I am doing. Wtf….

  16. JeXn Swarts schreef:

    You always make it look so effortless

  17. Froukje Nollen schreef:

    great video, wish I could do that already…

  18. lenyzebest schreef:

    4:50 😍🤩

  19. LoW GounD schreef:

    can I get chords?

  20. Frank Russ schreef:

    These are good progressions to learn fingerstyle to. Are they written out anywhere?

  21. Rohan Atrawalkar schreef:

    Would also add 3 Doors Down- Be like that

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